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A restaurant is a food and beverage service outlet that sells food and beverages to the customers(guests).
Different sorts of restaurants have developed to fulfill the changing needs of customers. People’s lifestyles and their dietary habits are also changing. The menu, service hours, styles of service, customer spending potential, and the time the target client spends must all be considered by the restaurant. Following are some well-known restaurant types and their unique characteristics.


There are mainly four classifications of restaurant 



1. Coffee shop

This is the multi-cuisine restaurant almost found in every hotel. It is called a coffee shop because this restaurant serves tea, coffee as well as snacks. The coffee shop operates 24×7. This coffee shop concept originated in the united states, and the coffee shop’s atmosphere is usually laid-back. The furnishings and service equipment are reasonably priced. The tops of tables might be mica, stone, or glass.



2. Fine dining restaurant

Fine dining restaurants serve food elaborately owing to this is called fine dining restaurants Ideal for family. This type of restaurant primarily serves the needs of the affluent market segment seeking to experience fine dining. The restaurant may serve dishes from a single region or country, as well as exotic dishes from various cuisines, wine, spirits, and digestives. It is usually open for dinner. However, depending on the location, it may also operate during lunch. The restaurant’s atmosphere and décor will be elegant and luxurious. The furniture is finely crafted out of teak wood. The dining chair may or may not have an armrest. All tables will be covered with high-quality linen, napkins in contrasting colors that complement the décor will be folded and stored. The glassware chosen will be of fine lead crystal, communicating the beauty of the crockery to the guests. Cutlery will be made of either silver or electroplated nickel silver(EPNS) and will be kept in good condition at the times. The staff is well-trained and well-versed in the dishes served. Sommeliers are employed by the restaurant to serve wines and other alcoholic beverages. The dishes are served by uniformed service staff in either silver or gueridon service. The food is transferred to the guest’s plate from the food container using a service spoon and fork this service is called silver service. 

3. Specialty restaurant

A specialty restaurant means it serves food of particular cuisine or a particular area. It mainly serves specialty dishes, which are suits and contribute to the brand’s image. It is open for lunch and dinner between soon and 3 p.m., and between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. the ambiance and décor of the restaurant are usually on the specialization of cuisine. It may specialize in a specific type of food, such as fish and chips, pasta, or steaks, or a specific type of cuisine, such as Indian, Chinese, Italian, or any other cuisine. Ethnic cuisine refers to the dishes of a specific region of a country or a specific section of people.

4. Quick service restaurant

Fast food restaurants provide food quickly. It serves food that requires minimum preparation time. It provides minimal food on the menu. it operates mostly in malls airports, city centers, highways in very busy areas. The fast-food concept originated from the united states and has since spread throughout the world. It is distinguished by its quick service and reasonably priced menu items changes in eating habits, a lack of time to wit at a table and eat, an increase in the number of working women, advancement in the food processing technology, the growth of the teen market, and other factors have all contributed to the success of fast food operations. In a fast-food outlet, each country or region may serve its delicacy and its extensions.

There are few more types of restaurants shown below

1. Barbeque

This type of restaurant specializes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbeque food. Example Marinated meat, chicken, fish, veggies, paneer, and so on. BBQ(barbeque restaurant) has an attractive decoration and, it serves silver service or elaborate service ideal for family and friends. Usually located in tourist spots, city center, and hill stations. 



2. Ice cream parlor

a cream parlor offers a variety of ice cream flavors. Cupcake, bombe, cassata, ice cream sundae sugar-free and cholesterol-free so on These ice creams are kept in the displayed freezer and these restaurants may also give their customer to taste sample so that customer chooses ice cream. The parlors could be either be a franchisee or a sole proprietor. one that produces its own sorts of The parlors can be franchised or run independently. one that not produces its own sorts of ice cream outlet only authorized to sell the goods or operate the business according to the directions of the parent company defined as a franchise. ice cream parlors attract customers of all age groups. The seating arrangement and service are very informal.

3. Bistro

It is a tiny restaurant that serves simple, reasonably priced dishes as well as wine. The menu features recipes that are simple and easy to prepare in bulk. Braised meats are common dishes served in a restaurant. It also serves coffee. The service is relaxed and quick. It’s possible that there aren’t any printed menus. The bistro concept originated in France. Bistro meaning of a place where food was served quickly.

4. Brasserie

 It’s a formal establishment that provides cocktails, single courses, and other meals. You can merely have a drink or a cup of coffee. The service is unpretentious and quick. Brasserie is a type of restaurant It provides professional service and menus that are printed. The servers wear long aprons and waistcoats, as is traditional.

5. Rotisserie

This style of restaurant specializes in grilled or roasted meat, poultry, and fish that are prepared in front of the customers. The griller can be powered by either gas or electricity. Through a glass partition, dishes can view. The food service staff places the grilled dish with salads, potatoes, and a dipping sauce. the rotisserie restaurant’s décor might be considered average. Wine and beer are also available.

6. Night club

It is open at night and serves meals, dancing, and live entertainment like Cabarets or floor shows are the nightclub’s major entertainment. Couples can dance to music played by live bands or recorded sound on the dance floor. Guests may dress in formal attire. Nightclubs charge an entrance fee. Dinner and drinks are served at the table.

7. café

The café specializes in coffee and snacks. Cafés were introduced by the French. Indian Cafés serves delicacies like vada, samosas, bonda, and so on, along with coffee and pastries. Even today, many restaurateurs in India, particularly in the south, refer to their establishments as cafés. Indian snacks and dinners, as well as sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastries, and beverages, are also served in cafés. Dishes are served at the table in an American-style manner, which boosts seat turnover, but the average revenue per cover is low due to the lower dish pricing.

8. cafeteria

Traditional cafeterias have a straight line counter with various dishes section of hot and cold meals. Customers begin at the back of the line, pick up a tray, and continue forward.

9. Pub

Pub means a public house that has a license to sell alcohol. It specializes in many types of beer, particularly draught beer, as well as snacks. Breweries used to own them in order to sell their beers.

10. Bar

Bar is place Whisky, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, tequila, wines, and beers are among the spirits available. These alcoholic beverages are sold in the separate permitted area in hotels and restaurants. Snacks are also available. A dispensing bar, which is located in the service area/restaurant and serves wines, beers, and spirits during the service, is another option.

11. Carvery restaurant

It is a restaurant that serves roast meat and poultry that is carved in front of visitors at the carving counter by a carver. The roast is served with sauces and veggies to go with it. Alcoholic beverages are also available at a carvery. A three- or four-course Table d’hôte menu is also available in Carvery restaurant.

12. Discotheque

Discotheque is the suitable atmosphere, a special sound and lighting effect is generated. During the operations, drinks, particularly beer, and munchies are supplied. The atmosphere is relaxed. It is mostly frequented by young people and couples. It is usually seen in remote areas in hotels to prevent other visitors from being disturbed. The number of guests allowed is limited to a particular amount based on the floor/room capacity, and there is a cost to enter. It only operates at night. It has a dance floor for the guests to use. The decoration of the discotheque is quite elegant so that people feel relaxed in the restaurant. Discotheque is usually very busy on weekend. Many discotheques allow only couples. Many discotheques have their dress code. In several discotheques,  a prior reservation is required.










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