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Discotheque is the suitable atmosphere, a special sound and lighting effect is generated. During the operations, drinks, particularly beer, and munchies are supplied. The atmosphere is relaxed. It is mostly frequented by young people and couples. It is usually seen in remote areas in hotels to prevent other visitors from being disturbed. The number of guests allowed is limited to a particular amount based on the floor/room capacity, and there is a cost to enter. It only operates at night. It has a dance floor for the guests to use. The decoration of the discotheque is quite elegant so that people feel relaxed in the restaurant. Discotheque is usually very busy on weekend. Many discotheques allow only couples. Many discotheques have their dress code. In several discotheques,  a prior reservation is required.

 Night club

It is open at night and serves meals, dancing, and live entertainment like Cabarets or floor shows are the nightclub’s major entertainment. Couples can dance with music played by live bands or recorded sound on the dance floor. Guests may dress in formal attire. Nightclubs charge an entrance fee. Dinner and drinks are served at the table. Basically, a nightclub is a restaurant that operates at night.

Pub vs Club vs Bar 


Pub means a public house that has a license to sell alcohol. It specializes in many types of beer, particularly draught beer, as well as snacks. Breweries used to own them in order to sell their beers. Pub operates 24×7 depends on the location.


A club is a social gathering space with music, debates, and a dance floor. In the club, alcoholic drinks may be allowed depending on the choice of the members. In the club members of the club are only allowed to join. However, in a pub, any can enter.


Whisky, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, tequila, wines, and beers are among the spirits available. These alcoholic beverages are sold in the separate permitted area in hotels and restaurants. Snacks are also available. A dispensing bar, which is located in the service area/restaurant and serves wines, beers, and spirits during the service, is another option.


Pub mean public house which has the license to sell alcohol and bub operate 24×7 whereas a club a place where social gathering takes place and bar means a place where customer mainly comes to drink a non-alcoholic beverage.

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