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 Cucumber is something which most health-conscious people like to eat specially during summer as a salad because it is nutritious, refreshing, and helps in digestion when eaten before a meal. If you don’t like to eat cucumber so, really you need to know its benefits and
 It will surprise you.
 But before that, it is necessary to know
What is cucumber?
a long, green-skinned fruit with watery flesh, usually eaten raw in salad
Cucumber is a widely-cultivated creeping vine plant in the Cucurbitaceae gourd family that bears cucumiform fruits, which are used as vegetables.
Scientific name: Cucumis sativu
Family: Cucurbitaceae

Cucumber Popular varieties


1.Armenian cucumber -Long light green cucumber has small white soft seeds, slightly sweet. Best for salad.


2. Hothouse cucumber is Also known as an English cucumber and A European cucumber – dark green color with thin skin and Small seeds sweet in taste and It is easy to digest best for salad.

3. American slicing cucumber- dark green with thin skin and Small seeds slightly bitter in taste.

4. Persian cucumber – long dark green color with thin skin very small seeds or seedless watery cucumber best for salad.

5. Kirby cucumber: Small in size dark green color with Small seeds Popular for Kirby cucumber pickle.


6. Lemon cucumber – yellow in a Color, round shape like lemon but, it does not taste sour like a lemon.


7. Gherkin cucumber – This cucumber is small in size, dark in color mostly famous for  pickle

8. Painted serpent cucumber – It looks very long green ( goes up to 36”) in color with white stripes pattern on it . It tastes watery slightly sweet like regular cucumber.


9.Japanese cucumber – long green In color. It also tastes like regular cucumber there is no major difference. Used to make salad and pickle.


10.Alibi Cucumber – small in size green in color used to make pickles



These are few verities which I discussed above there are many more cucumber varieties found.


Nutrients of Cucumber


The 100 gram Cucumber contains Total 15 kcal


Water – 95.23 gram

 Protein – 0.65 gram

Total lipid (fat) – 0.11 gram

Carbohydrates – 3.63 gram

 Fiber, total dietary – 0.5 gram

 Sugars – 1.67 gram

 Minerals of Cucumber


 Calcium- 16 mg
 Iron- 0.28 mg
  Magnesium – 13 mg
 Phosphorus – 24 mg
 Potassium – 147 mg
 Sodium – 2 mg
 Zinc – 0.2 mg

Vitamins of Cucumber

Vitamin C – 2.8 mg
 Thiamin – 0.027
 Riboflavin – 0.033 mg
 Niacin – 0.098 mg
Vitamin B6 – 0.040 mg
 Folate – 7 μg
Vitamin A -105 IU
Vitamin E – 0.03 mg
Vitamin K – 16.4 μg


Cucumbers benefits


 Cucumber is a seasonal vegetable of the summer season it has various health benefits


1.Cucumber aids in diabetes because it contains fiber which helps to low blood sugar levels so, it recommended to diabetes patients have Cucumbers 

 Every day because Cucumbers are known to decrease glucose levels, in this manner being useful in the administration and counteraction of diabetes mellitus.


2. Help in weight lose

 Cucumbers contain 95% of water and are low in calories. There are just 15 calories in 100 g of cucumber. 

 The high water and low-calorie substance of cucumbers help in weight loss and it also easy to digest.


3. It helps to rejuvenate skin cells

 Brighten your skin: cucumber can assist with easing up or brighten skin. Easing up dim spots occurs with dead cell turnover (shedding), and the creation of new skin cells. Hydrate your skin: Water alone is never an adequate cream, and the equivalent goes for cucumbers.


4 . Cucumber helps to make strong bones and joints

 Cucumber is a decent wellspring of nutrient K: One cup contains 22% of the suggested day-by-day admission of nutrient K. This nutrient is fundamental for bone wellbeing, as low nutrient K admissions have been related to a higher danger for bone crack. Nutrient K is additionally significant for improving calcium assimilation during the bones because vitamin K improves calcium ingestion. Together, these supplements can add to great bone wellbeing.

Best time to eat Cucumber

 Morning with breakfast
 An afternoon with lunch is the best time to have Cucumber to extract maximum benefit for your body.



 Cucumber is tasty and easy to add to diet it has many health benefits due to High in minerals and vitamins.






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