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 The word coffee shop and Cafeteria seem quite similar But it has difference coffee shop is a multi-cuisine restaurant, sells varieties of dishes whereas Cafeteria means cafeterias have a straight line counter with various dishes section of hot and cold meals. Customers begin at the back of the line, pick up a tray, and continue forward. 

Coffee shop


The coffee shop may be the busiest restaurant in the hotel because this is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves varieties of dishes and the coffee shop found almost in every hotel. It is called a coffee shop because this restaurant also serves tea, coffee, and as well as snacks. The coffee shop operates 24×7. The coffee shop concept originates in the united states and the coffee shop’s atmosphere is usually laid back. The furniture and service equipment is reasonably priced. The top of the table might be mica, stone, or glass. The staff of the restaurant is also well trained. The coffee shop offers an a la carte menu as well as a Table d’hôte menu.





The word cafeteria originated from Spanish its means coffee shop But in the English language, cafeteria means a straight line counter with various dishes of hot and cold meals. The cafeteria system is now used in many organizations to feed their workers or students. Basically, a cafeteria means a canteen which can be free or paid.





The coffee shop and Cafeteria are looks like similar to the layman but It has the difference that is A cafeteria is a restaurant with little to no personnel and primarily self-serve stations. Large institutions, such as schools, colleges, and office complexes, have a cafeteria. Cafeterias often provide various meal selections (in the case of department stores or office complexes), whereas cafés offer limited food alternatives (in the case of schools or colleges). 




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