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Hyderabadi cuisine is a synthesis of Mughal, Turkish, and Arabic influences, as well as native Telugu and Marathwada cuisines. Hyderabad, located on the banks of the Musi River, is the state capital and largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabadi cuisine consists of a diverse collection of rice, wheat, and meat dishes, as well as the expert use of various spices, herbs. The spectacular architecture and monuments will compel you to admire the city’s allure. Hyderabad has many traditional and ancient markets, as well as the famous HYDERABADI BIRYANI, HALEEM, PATHAR-KA-GOSHT, and so on.

Hyderabadi biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the city’s most popular dishes. 

It is distinct from other varieties of Biryani that originated in the kitchens of the Nizams of Hyderabad. It’s a celebratory dish made with basmati rice and mutton, as well as yogurt, onions, and various spices. They serve there are various types of biryani. A traditional Hyderabadi meal will always include a biryani with mutton Hyderabadi Biryanis with chicken, lamb, or vegetables are also very popular. Some are flavored with saffron, others with cream, and still others with rose water.

 Biryanis are prepared in the ‘Dum’ style of cooking. 

 The various types are as follows:

 • Hyderabadi Biryani – a traditional lamb and rice celebration dish.

• Kachche- goshtkibiriyani – raw meat is stir-fried with spices (masalas) for a few minutes before being covered with rice and placed in the Dum Pukht (slow oven).

• Hyderabad Zafrani Biryani – Saffron is soaked and mixed into the rice while it is cooking Insert the Dum Pukht.


Mirchi Ka Saalan


Mirchi ka salan, or curried chili peppers, is a popular chili and peanut
 curry served with Hyderabadi biryani and Dahi chutney in Hyderabad,
Telangana, India. A dish made of any type of Mirchi (green chili or Jalapenos) or banana peppers, etc., that is not overly spicy or fiery. 
 This is a traditional Hyderabad salan (gravy) prepared in a shallow pan. Handi has a wide flat bottom. The salan is sealed in this handi and cooked over a low flame. all the flavors trapped within to provide that authentic rich taste.




 Haleem is a seasonal delicacy made of wheat, meat, and a porridge-like paste that has been cooked for hours. This dish was given the name: haleem, the Persian name for the bland wheat-and-meat hareesah.
 “Haleem is a name for Allah,” Shamsher Alam of Zam Zam, another Mughlai restaurant in Kolkata that has adopted daleem, explained This traditional wheat porridge, known as harees in Arabia, has its origins there. Haleem is a seasonal worker dish prepared during Ramadan (Ramadan). The high-calorie haleem is an excellent way to lose weight. Break the fast of Ramzan. Because it takes a long time to prepare (often a day), haleem means patience. the entire day) and served in the evenings
 It’s a popular appetizer at Hyderabadi Muslim weddings.

Nizami Murgh

   A semi-dry chicken masala prepared with yogurt, nuts (cashew nut and peanut), and coconut as well as sunflower and sesame seeds The gravy is yellow. Murgh Nizami, also known as Chicken Nizami, is a mild, rich, and creamy chicken dish from the Nizams’ homeland. Murgh Nizami, also known as Chicken Nizami is a mild, rich, creamy chicken dish from the land of Nizams. Named after the royal Nizams of Hyderabad.

  Khorma, Shorba, and Khalia

 These are non-vegetarian meat curries. Apart from Biryanis, these are the pride of Hyderabadi cuisine. The curries are differentiated by their color, flavor, and consistency.

 Khormas are a light red color. This Mughlai dish typically consists of braised meat or vegetables in a relatively mild velvety yogurt sauce seasoned with aromatic spices. It frequently has a nutty undertone due to the addition of blended almonds, cashews, coconut, or poppy seeds. 

 Shorbas have a soupy texture and a bright red color shorbas can be veg, or non-veg 

 Khalia’s flavour ranges from dry to thick gravy-like, and its color ranges from dark brown to dark green.



 Pathar-ka-Gosht is a popular lamb dish, particularly in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This dish is made with mutton that has been heated on a large stone over a flame. When the meat is heated and served with onions and other ingredients, the spices are added.

Shikampur kebab

Shikampur means “belly-full,” referring to the stuffing in the kebab’s center Without the stuffing, Lucknow’s famous Shammi Kebab is the same as Shikampur Kebab. Shikampur Kebab (mutton mince cooked with cumin, cloves, cinnamon, and Bengal gram lentil until a proper binding is formed and stuffed with cottage cheese/egg slice, mint, onions, and green chilies) is gently grilled in pure ghee on a griddle or tawa until pink. 


Bagara Baingan (BAGHARA BAINGAN) 

Stuffed Eggplants, a delectable dish in which tender and fresh brinjals are stuffed with a ground peanut-coconut mixture and cooked in a rich and creamy paste.

Paya Nihari

  This is a traditional Hyderabadi dish. It’s a trotter-based dish. A unique and traditional Hyderabadi recipe. The paaya (trotters) are boiled for an extended period (normally several hours). It got its name from the Urdu word “Nahar,” which means “Morning.” Hyderabadi Paya Nihari is a type of broth that is made with goat meat and paya (trotter). There are numerous Broth recipes, but Hyderabadi Paya Nihari has a distinct nawabi flavor. 

Murgh Badami

 MurghBadami is a chicken dish made with cream and almonds that is topped with chopped almonds. Murg Badami is an almond-based gravy dish flavoured with cardamom powder and whole spice powder and made with almond and poppy seed paste. This is a simple chicken recipe with a creamy and spicy gravy.

 Gosht Dalcha

 Dalcha Gosht is simply another type of dal made with chana dal or Bengal gram and vegetables such as kaddu and brinjal. It is standard practice to make it a complete nutritive dish, combine meat and lentils. Meat and chana are cooked together. Braised with yogurt, dal, and whole spices until the meat is tender. After that, the dish is seasoned with ghee, garlic, and whole red chilies.

 Chepala Pulusu

One of the most well-known dishes in Hyderabadi cuisine. 
 It’s a fish dish made by marinating the fish in turmeric, salt, and garlic. Cooking coconut milk yields gravy. tempering with curry powder and whole red chilies, and flavoring with turmeric and tomatoes.


 A dessert made by cooking grated white marrow with milk and sugar, then thickening with sago seeds and khoya. This is frequently flavored with cardamom powder and Rose essence, slivered almonds, and pistachio garnish. Gil-e-Firdaus is a complex but memorable sweet dish that is commonly prepared in Hyderabad during festivals and weddings.
Sago and coarsely crushed rice are cooked in milk and flavored with bottle gourd, nuts, condensed milk, and cashew paste to create a lusciously creamy dessert with a distinct mouth-feel. Saffron, cardamom, and rosewater add a rich flavor to the Gil-e-Firdaus that will linger on your palate.

 Khubani Ka Meetha

Khubani is the Urdu term for Apricots and, meetha means sweet. An apricot Pudding, made with dried apricots stewed in honey and topped with almonds and cream.

 Double Ka Meetha

 Bread Pudding with Dry Fruits, a variation on the Mughlai dessert also known as shahi tukra. The bread Slices are fried before bread slices are soaked in sugar syrup with spices, including saffron and cardamom. 


The fragrant rice and milk-based dessert, Which is typically made and served in clay pots, is a delightful treat for your taste buds. This flavor-infused dessert is ideal for snacking on after a heavy and delicious meal.

Boti Kebab

Boti kebab is an Indian kebab variation that consists of chunks of meat (lamb, mutton, chicken, or beef) soaked in a mixture of yogurt, garlic, ginger, chilis, papaya, and spices such as gram masala, chili powder, and cumin. Boti kebab usually eaten with green chatni.


 Lukhmi is a traditional mince savory or starter in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It is a regional variant of samosa. The authentic preparation of the snack includes stuffing with mutton-mince kheema.


 Nihari, another Eid Special, is a mouthwatering lamb stew that is pure ecstasy for your taste buds. This delicacy is cooked overnight and even buried underground to allow the masala essence to permeate the meat. It is so popular during Eid that it is also known as Pakistan’s National Dish.

Irani tea

Irani tea is a type of tea popular in Hyderabad that is very tasty and strong when compared to other types of tea. Milk is thickly boiled, and tea is made with a special tea powder formula. There have been allegations that bone powder was used to increase the thickness of the tea, which gives the chai its consistency.

Dum pukht

Slow oven cooking, also known as dum pukht or larhmeen, is a cooking technique that involves slowly cooking meat and vegetables in their natural juices. It is a natural way to enhance the flavor of dishes.
It is said to have originated during the reign of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah in pre-partition India.


Pathar-ka-Gosht is a widely known lamb dish made in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This dish is made with mutton that has been heated on a large stone over a flame. When the meat is heated and served with onions and other ingredients, the spices are added.

Gosht Pasinde

Gosht Pasinde is a popular meat royal Mughlai dish from the Indian subcontinent, especially North India, Rampur, Hyderabadi, and the dish is also popular in Pakistani, based on the food served at the courts of Mughal emperors. Mughlai cuisine, a well-known and particularly appealing form of Indian cuisine derive from the cuisine of emperors, which was particularly popular in northern India, especially at the courts of emperors.


 Paya is a traditional Indian Subcontinent dish also known as Siri Paya. It is served at a variety of festivals and gatherings, or it is prepared for special guests. In Hindi, paaya means “legs.” The dish’s main ingredients are trotters cooked with various spices.


Hyderabadi cuisine combines Mughal, Turkish, and Arabic influences with native Telugu and Marathwada cuisines. Hyderabadi cuisine includes a wide range of rice, wheat, and meat dishes, as well as the expert use of various spices and herbs. There are many traditional and ancient markets in Hyderabad, as well as the famous. Not only the Hyderabadi food but also its hospitality is magnificent.

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